Welcome to johnrearly.com I appreciate your being here. The project “ConversationPiece” is complete and available to experience. 334 days I have lived and breathed this project and am very proud of the results. I teamed up with some wonderfully talented people who lent their skills and expertise to my dream.

ConversationPiece is a book and CD of poetry / spoken word and short stories that have made their way from my muses to my music. The book contains 30 “Gold E” original works set upon deckled edges, velum, wrap arounds, and fold outs most of which grew from the experience and vision of Annette Ortiz. The CD holds 14 tracks riding on some pure Basement Deep. A wide variety of sounds and emotion from the rhythmic “Rhythm”, to the bluesy “Acoustic Blue” to the soulful “I knew”. It will make you want to settle in with a glass of your favorite wine and your favorite people and relax.

The name ConversationPiece evolved from wanting to create something that was itself something to talk about, something to revisit, and rethink. There are four “movements” the term movements is shamelessly taken from the Donny Hathaway song “Voices Inside.” As you move through the different sections. Perspective, Evolution, Seduction, and Truth, I wanted to take you on a roller coaster that looped and dropped and curved and brings you back to the start wanting to go again. Growing up in the 70’s I had a chance to listen to and be influenced by some of the creative greats in music and culture. Some that had messages that were not necessarily overt. As you read through and listen to ConversationPiece remember the point is not always pointed. Thank you for your support of this project and as always your feedback is greatly appreciated.

- John