News – May 2018

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We are excited to be partnered with JKing Images in woodstock GA. They are doing some very exciting work. stay tuned over the next few weeks for that.

We have partnered with Brushes of Africa and International recording artis Stephanie Benson inlaunching her U.S. brand for 2018

The Sankofa Project in Columbus, Ohio is off and running. We launched their brand in February 2018.

After I saw your work the first few times I had confidence that you would do a good job for me. The fact that you nailed exactly what I wanted THE FIRST time you send me the proof just blew me away! I LOVE my new logo and can't help but to show it to everyone I meet! You are amazing!
~Wendy Gilmore

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New Project

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We worked long and hard on the league project, and it has been a huge success. Check it out Next up, we are working with a new confidential client in Columbus Ohio, who will release details about his campaign in the near future. I am exited he brought this unique project to One Man Show

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