Design Request

  • The “New Design Form” is to be used to request a flyer for an event where a specific location and specific date have not been requested yet.
  • The “Change Request Form” is to be used the make changes for flyers for events that have not occurred yet. (whether flyer has been created or not) It is not intended be used to update or create an event based on a previous event.

Example: a flyer for Detroit for 12-12-2019 is a “New Request” If a director is added to this flyer for this date, it “A change Request” If an identical flyer is needed, but with a different date. It would be a “New Request”

Note: We have images for all directors in PlanNet Marketing. Unless an updated image is requested to be used, it is not neccessary to upload director images with requests.

  • The “Other Project” is to be used for projects outside of the normal requests, projects that require lengthy descriptions, or do not comply with the standard flyer request form.

Example: Convention related requests, or other graphic design requests that may not have addresses, schedules directors etc.

* This difference between the “describe project” and the “Proofed Copy” fields:

Detailed Description field:
You would include what the project is

New graphic for upcoming Summer-Fest promotion please optimize for Facebook cover, include PlanNet Logo on left side etc.

Proofed Copy field:
You would include the text to be used in the project.

Summer-Fest 2019
May Madness
April 22-May 31
Season of Sacrifice
Season of Separation