John R. Early

Designer, author, poet and creative spirit from Columbus Ohio, now residing in Atlanta GA. I am the owner of One Man Show LLC., a design firm established in 2001. Having recently been accepted to Savannah College of Art & Design, I look forward continuing to blend multiple mediums and processes into what can only be described as a One Man Show


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If you are looking for a simple logo, a team website, a full branding campaign for your company , help understanding the steps to publishing a book, or some creative thought. I have am a full service project designer, and my many years of project experience allows me to function skillfully and creatively in many mediums


Graphic Design

I offer a full range of graphic design services with endless possibilities including Logo Design, Image Retouching and Restoration, Book and CD Cover Design, Life Journey Montages, Apparel Art, Desktop Publishing, Promotional Material Design, Media Kits, Banners, Book Layout and Editing and so much more.

Web Design

From simple one page hobby sites, to Interactive Blog sites, to Band Promotional or Author sites, to fully integrated E-Commerce solutions. I can deliver industry standard design and implementation optimized for todays mobile devices, using Dreamweaver, WordPress, and all top level CMS options


Sometimes you have a project in mind, and just need some guidance on executing it, or direction on what is industry standard practice. I can help you navigate the waters of self-publishing, copyrights, starting a web site, web file optimization , SEO, and basic to intermediate Photoshop instruction


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Who is John R. Early


I have been asked who I am, and I usually proudly reply “I am an artist”. I have been asked what I do and surprisingly the answer is the same. I believe that art has the ability to change lives, so I try to approach design as an artist. The beauty is in the details. Ever look at something and say “wow who would think to do that?” I try to add that to every project I do. One of my favorite quotes about creativity is from the late Steve Jobs “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, the just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.” Experience is something that is gained every day simply by living. I have spent about the last 40 years looking at the world around me and putting those things together that seem obvious to me. I have been able to meet, work with, and learn from some amazing artists, teachers and mentors and from each of them I got similar advice; “keep learning, keep doing, and keep sharing.” I live my artistic life outside the box as much as I possibly can because it allows me to do what I was born to do; create. Technique can be taught, theory can be taught, but creativity lives in who I am

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Exposition In Four Movements


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C. Sunny Martin & Associates
Alliance Network Development
Glamour Girl Publishing
Legendary Entertainment
Basement Deep Media Group
PapaDeaux Seafood Kitchen
Triumph Publishing
Inner Child Press

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The City of Columbus
The Dell Cafe
Busha & Miller Law Firm
New Harvest Urban Arts Center, Cafe & Gallery
Christ International Community Church
Mettler Toledo
Jenae Gems
Altered Images 2 Hair Salon

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Basement Deep
Miss Zambia International
Twisted Picks
Yadah Productions
Columbus Young Professionals
PlanNet Marketing
Bradley Fleming PR


What the customers are saying


Once is enough

“It's impossible to explain creativity. It's like asking a bird, 'How do you fly?' You just do.”

Eric Jerome Dickey

News and Muse

New Projects and thought

News – May 2018

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We are excited to be partnered with JKing Images in woodstock GA. They are doing some very exciting work. stay tuned over the next few weeks for that. We have partnered with Brushes of Africa and International recording artis Stephanie Benson inlaunching her U.S. brand for 2018 The Sankofa Project in Columbus, Ohio is off...

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After I saw your work the first few times I had confidence that you would do a good job for me. The fact that you nailed exactly what I wanted THE FIRST time you send me the proof just blew me away! I LOVE my new logo and can't help but to show it to everyone I meet! You are amazing!
~Wendy Gilmore

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New Project

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We worked long and hard on the league project, and it has been a huge success. Check it out Next up, we are working with a new confidential client in Columbus Ohio, who will release details about his campaign in the near future. I am exited he brought this unique project to One Man Show

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