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About Me

I have been asked who I am, and I usually proudly reply “I am an artist”. I have been asked what I do and surprisingly the answer is the same. I believe that art has the ability to change lives, so I try to approach design as an artist. The beauty is in the details. Ever look at something and say “wow who would think to do that?” I try to add that to every project I do.

One of my favorite quotes about creativity is from the late Steve Jobs “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, the just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.”

Experience is something that is gained every day simply by living. I have spent about the last 40 years looking at the world around me and putting those things together that seem obvious to me. I have been able to meet, work with, and learn from some amazing artists, teachers and mentors and from each of them I got similar advice; “keep learning, keep doing, and keep sharing.” I live my artistic life outside the box as much as I possibly can because it allows me to do what I was born to do; create. Technique can be taught, theory can be taught, but creativity lives in who I am.

What I Do


I spend the vast majority of my time working with companies to brand or re-brand their vision as well as the look and function of their advertising spaces. often times I get requests for logos when what is really needed is branding. I partner with the company educate them on what they should be doing to se them apart from their competition

Print Design

As much as the world is moving to digital media options, there is always a need for print media specifically business collateral (letterhead, business cards, envelopes). Being an author and designing and laying out my first book from cover to cover. I have a steady clientele that needs magazine layouts and book covers. I design convention signage and collateral as well as apparel.

Graphic Design

Graphic design covers a large hard to define scope of work, from animation to labeling, to product mockups. if you’re creating something visual on a computer or tablet it can probably fall under graphic design. I  concentrate on the “design” part of it. I do photo restoration and retouching, artistic pieces, cover art as well as what I call “Heirloom Pieces” in which use compositing to celebrate life journeys for anniversaries, graduation, retirements or homegoing.

Web Services

I’ve been designing and hosting ecommerce and non-ecommerce sites for over 20 years. I’ve seen the industry and tools change from Microsoft FrontPage, to Adobe GoLive, to Dreamweaver, to Muse and some of the DIY platforms popular today. I work mainly in WordPress as it the most widely used option today. I also design and setup shops in Shopify and Etsy

Video Production

Working in the video space is something I am learning. I edit video for advertising and promotion. I do some video capture capture, but prefer to stay in the lab and edit. I have recently added a drone to my arsenal and enjoy the many adventures that footage can offer in editing process.

Spoken Word

Art comes in many forms and few more interesting and captivating than language and the spoken word. I have written poetry for many years and have been influenced by many artists. I sometime find the need to speak and it sometimes lands on ears with an ease or with a jolt, but is always elegant and genuine. here are a few recorded pieces.

Acoutsic Blue



I wrote and designed “ConversationPiece” Expostition in Four Movements. a poetic journey through Perspective, Evolution, Seduction and Truth. ConversationPiece is poetry weaved through vocal inflection wrapped in a design experience.

You can purchase it here.

Apparel Design

In the early 1980s I began printing designs and sayings on T-Shirts. it was a very manual process that had built in pitfalls with production and inventory. over the last 4 years, I’ve ventured back into apparel design bringing with me a huge amount of experience with design work and the much more streamlined distribution process. I have 3 apparel lines with a fourth in the works.

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What People Are Saying


When I look at this beautiful Heirloom that Was created by Gold E Productions I’m in awe of how it captures the essence of the evolution of DaNeilia so perfectly. The details especially the butterfly surrounding is prophetic & it speaks so much of my journey. The Evolution continues….

Daneilia Francis

If you want to take your business to the next level, make sure that you contact John Early with Gold E Productions.  They have helped me take my vision, and ideas and bring make them a reality.. true professional and amazing experience.

Shedrick White
Atlanta Business Owner
Vicki Aquah

You are the greatest, thank you so much for working with me – I shall drum up as much business for you as I can -However everyone will be grabbing you after they see my book lol – you definitely have already sold yourself – Your work speaks for itself- Oh I can feel the envy from here. …

~Vicki Acquah
Poet & Author

Excellent Job as always

Angela Early
Wendy Gilmore

After I saw your work the first few times I had confidence that you would do a good job for me. The fact that you nailed exactly what I wanted THE FIRST time you send me the proof just blew me away! I LOVE my new logo and can’t help but to show it to everyone I meet! You are amazing!

Wendy Gilmore
Twisted Picks Owner
Roniel Sylvester

Website, very professional, consistent, clean, very unique and professional – I dont have to second guess about the quality of work.

Roniel Sylvester
Milwaukee Business Owner

“When I say deliver… “Whew!!”….. John DELIVERS!!!” I knew of his skill set from having an opportunity to work alongside him, and seeing the great work he produces. So when I asked him about possibly bringing my thought into fruition, and just from a “quick description” he accepted and KILLED IT!! From the design, quality, and turnaround time!!! There isn’t anything graphically & creatively he can’t do! Gold E Productions; is EXACTLY that!!! A JACKPOT …that I can’t wait to utilize and hit over and over again!!

Ohio Business Owner

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